Welcome to Om College of Education

OM COLLEGE OF EDUCATION was started with the objective of introducing and promoting Teacher education in the education scenario of Kanchipuram district. This is mainly focused on the downtrodden and economically backward people, as well as co-ordinations and setting the standards for such systems.

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Our Vision

Our Institution shall make available innovative, socially relavant educational provisions that are seamless and are of high-quality by employing appropriate technologies to achieve equity in Teacher education, sustainable social transformation and composite national development.

Our Mission

To develop future teachers who can create, lead and transform the world. Towards becoming a Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education by offering quality training programmes to meet the current emerging needs of the schools, by widening the access to Teacher education and by functioning as a catalyst to bridge social, including digital divides and to build a developed india, our college shall:

Evolve flexible and robust curricula to widen educational access, deepen knowledge frontiers and create entrepreneurial skill sets.

Reach the rural communities through lifelong learning programmes for livelihood improvement.

Establish networked environments for quality assurance.

Bridge the digital divide and implement easy learning environments.

Become a digital repository for Teacher Education facilitating Research and development for new knowledge creation.

Co-ordinate and implement standards in Teacher Education.